2016 Shanerock Summary

January 16, 2017


What a year!!  Reflecting on 2016 we can't help but be thankful.  2016 marked a year in which we created Shanerock and its mission to help families battling pediatric cancer.  While this mission was put into action in 2016, our vision of Shanerock has been evolving over the last several years. 

Seven years ago this week, Shane was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Shane has gone through intense chemo/radiation to his head/and three surgeries (2010,2011,2012). It is hard to believe that Shane has battled his way into 2017 and is doing quite well.  Shane still has epilepsy due to the trauma of the treatments that helped to save him.  Shane is enrolled in school 5 days a week (3 hours per day)!  He is enjoying school and his PT team at the Harrison Center.  They have done a fantastic job in helping Shane make considerable strides over the last few months.

Shane has been our inspiration in creating Shanerock.  We are blessed to have such a wonderful community that supported us through our toughest days back in 2010 and 2011.  We know what families are going through and this is our way of giving back. 

2016 was an incredible year.  We had several events that helped to contribute to the start of Shanerock.  Top Shanerock events included:

1. Sibling Revelry Brewing (October) - Over $10,000 raised!

2. St. Ignatius Shanerock Run (October) - Over 1200 participants and raised over $42,000!

3. Knuth - Raised over $1,500     

4. CrossFit Cleveland - Raised over $4,000

5. St. Angela Dance-A-Thon- raised over $2,000

6. Rocky River Brewing Co. - Raised $2,000 in selling ball caps that read "Make Cleveland Football Great Again."

As we look to 2017, our board is excited to get to work for our families.  Shanerock will continue to grow through our events and our community.  The next big event will be March 18th as we partner up with St. Baldricks.  Thank you for your continued support and may you have a fantastic 2017!


Always Believe,



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