October 5th 2016 - Sibling Revelry Tap Party Results

Sibling Shanerock.jpg

Sibling Revelry will be presenting Shanerock Brew for the month of October.  All proceeds from the sales of Shanerock Brew will go to help the families that Shanerock supports!  THANK YOU Sibling Revelry for your generous support of our cause!  Please visit: http://www.Siblingrevelrybrewing.com to learn more!

Event Results - Sibling did a fantastic job in October 2016 raising over $10,000 for Shanerock!  Thank you again Sibling for supporting our mission to help cancer families in need!

October 30th 2016- St. Ignatius High School Shanerock Run presented by "Running with the Cats"

2016 Race Results - What an amazing event that we had in October 2016.  The race was a tremendous success!  Over 1000 people registered for the race.  After race expenses to Hermes of $5766, proceeds from sponsorships/registrants totaled $41,626 that went directly to Shanerock!  Special thanks to St. Ignatius, the race committee, and all of those who supported this event!

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